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Why is The Courtyard Brasserie  Olney’s favourite eating place?


Our Views

“At The Courtyard we try to provide good value for money by using only top quality ingredients (we buy from local suppliers whenever possible) and charging fair prices. That way people can see they get a good deal and will not only come back but bring their friends too.”
“We are fussy about the ingredients for every meal. We insist on top quality. We don’t buy cheap sausages because they have poor quality meat in them and are puffed up with cereal and other stuff that shouldn’t be there. It’s the same with bacon; cheap bacon means the animals were fed low cost, low quality feed….this reflects in a lack of flavour and texture. Our bread and vegetables are always fresh that day. “
“People who eat here know their food. They recognise good tea and coffee. If we served low quality meals they wouldn’t come back and certainly wouldn’t recommend us to their friends.”
“We also listen to our customers comments. If something isn’t popular we take it off the menu and replace it with something new.”
“If there is ever a problem with the quality of your meal…please mention it to a member of staff.”
“We prepare and cook the food with care because we want you to enjoy your meal and always to recommend us to your friends.” 

That’s why we are Olney’s favourite eating place.