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Daytime Menu

 (All served with salad )

Courtyard Special BLT
chicken, bacon, crisp lettuce & tomato     
with mayonnaise in toasted bread
Courtyard Club Sandwich £6.35
ham & swiss cheese  
Toasted Smoked Salmon Bagel £6.95
 smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber & lemon  
Sirloin Baguette £7.95
 grilled tender slices of sirloin steak with grilled tomatoes & horseradish  
Grilled Chicken Baguette £4.95
 breast of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes & mayonaise in a crispy baguette  
Crispy Brie Baguette  (v) £4.45
 warm brie and tomato  
Cheddar Baguette  (v) £4.85
 grated cheddar cheese, sliced cucumber, tomatoes and a side dish of cole slaw  
Houmous Baguette  (v) £4.45
 crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber & houmous on a crispy warm baguette with a side dish of cole slaw  
Toasted Goats Cheese & Roasted Pepper Bagel (v) £6.15
 a fresh bagel with melted goats cheese and roasted red, green and yellow peppers  
Grilled Ciabatta  
(All served with salad)  
Tuna Melt £6.15
 tuna, mayonnaise, sweet corn, melted swiss cheese & tomato  
Vegetariana  (v) £5.95 
sun dried tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil  
Del Bosco  (v) £5.85
grilled courgette, roasted peppers, mozzarella & fresh basil  
Parmagiana (v) £5.95
grilled aubergines, cherry tomatoes,  mozzarella, fresh basil & parmesan cheese  
5 Star  £6.25
 parma ham, mozzerella, rocket & tomatoes  
Chicken Ciabatta £6.45
 chicken fillet topped with swiss cheese, ham and tomato  
Stallone £6.55
 chicken, bacon, avocado mixed with mayonnaise on a open ciabatta drizzled with pesto  
Bacon Ciabatta £6.45
 bacon, avocado, mayonnaise, maozzarella & tomato  
Courtyard Melt £6.45
 warm brie, bacon, cranberry and tomato in toasted ciabatta  
Char-Grills & Burgers  
 Burgers all served with steakhouse fries  
Club Burger  (100% beef) £ 6.25
 burger, lettuce, tomato, mayo & salad  
Fajita Seasoned Chicken £7.95
 marinated chicken fillet, steakhouse fries & salad  
Sirloin Steak £9.95 
 served with onion rings, fries and salad  
Char- Grilled Chicken £7.65 
 marinated chicken fillet with lettuce & mayonnaise  
Hot Jacket Potatoes  
 (All served with salad)  
Butter and Salad £4.45
Egg Mayo & Crispy Bacon £5.95
Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn £5.45
Grated Cheddar £5.45
Baked Beans £5.35
Melted Cheese & Beans £5.95
Prawn Mayonnaise £5.95
Main Meals  
Steak & Kidney Pie £7.75
 served with home-made mash broccoli & gravy  
Courtyard Bangers & Mash £7.45
 premium sausages, home made mash and gravy  
Home-Made Lasagne £7.45
 served with salad  
Grilled Salmon £7.95
 Served with salad & fries or new potatoes
  (may contain bones)
Spaghetti with Home-Made Bolognese Sauce  £7.25
 Penne Arabiatta £6.25
 with chilli and napoli sauce  
with extra optional chicken £1.00
Spinach & Ricotta Crespoline £6.75
 Italian pancakes stuffed with ricotta cheese  
 & spinach in a béchamel & tomato sauce  
Home-Made Soup of the Day £3.95
Courtyard Salads  
Asparagus & Parma Ham £7.75
 grilled asparagus & Parma ham, with mozzarella and tomato   served with rocket & ciabatta  
Smoked Salmon £7.95
 with crispy green salad, avocado and walnut oil dressing  
Warm Chicken & Orange Salad £7.50
 with balsamic vinegar or honey & mustard dressing  
Salad Nicoise £7.75
 tuna, green beans, new potatoes, olives, tomato and boiled egg in a vinaigrette dressing  
Tricolore Salad (v) £6.45
mozzarella, tomatoes, avocado, fresh basil, oregano, olive oil, served with ciabatta bread  
Caesar Salad £7.75
served with chargrilled chicken breast, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing  
Courtyard Platter £7.50
sliced parma ham, milano salami, mozzarella on a bed of rocket salad, tomatoes and olive dressing. Served with ciabatta bread  
Side Orders  
Steakhouse Fries £2.75
Home made Mash £1.95
Fried Onion Rings £2.65
Side Salad £2.75
Garlic Ciabatta £2.15
             with cheese £2.95
Houmous and Crostini £3.50
with olive dressing  
Home made Coleslaw £1.95
Marinated Olives £3.45
 Breakfast   (served all day)  
Mega Breakfast £6.95 
 1 sausage, 2 bacon, fried egg, tomato, mushrooms, beans and toast  
Full English £5.95
1 sausage, 2 bacon, fried egg, tomato & toast  
Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg on Toast £6.85
Bacon Baguette £4.25 
Sausage Baguette £4.95 
Bacon Sandwich £3.95 
Sausage Sandwich £4.75 
Poached Eggs on Toast (v) £4.35
Scrambled Eggs on Toast (v) £4.35
Cheese on Toast (v) £3.95 
Beans on Toast (v) £3.95 
2 Rounds of Toast £1.80
Croissant & Preserves  ( w/end only) £1.95 
Extra Hash Brown £0.75 
Cakes & Pastries  
(Between 12 & 3 Only Served With Food.)  
Blueberry Muffin (warm) £2.40
Home made Scones with Cream & Preserves £2.85
Buttered Toasted Teacake with Preserves £2.45
Traditional Olney Pancakes £2.95
with lemon & sugar or maple syrup  
Danish Pastry (warm) £2.45
Hand made Cheesecake £3.50
Italian Ice Cream (2 scoops) £2.95
Chocolate Fudge/Carrot Cake £3.50
Gluten - Free Cakes £3.75
Hot Drinks  
Pot of Tea  
Breakfast  blend/ Decaf Tea £1.85
Darjeeling £1.95
Earl Grey £1.95
Lemon £1.95
(peppermint, camomile, green tea)  
Speciality Cafetiere (A monthly specaility coffee served in a cafetiere with tasting notes)  £2.80
Americano (Simply Coffee) £1.95
Cappucino £2.35
Latte £2.35
Espresso £1.95
Mocha £2.45
Double Espresso £2.20
Extra shot Espresso £0.20
Iced Coffee & Cream £2.75
Baby Cino £0.45
Hot Chocolate £2.45
(All our drinks are made with Semi-Skimmed Milk.
Fresh Decaffeinated Coffee and Soya milk is also available)
 Cold Drinks  
House Wine (glass)   Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Rose £3.75
House Wine (bottle) £14.50
Bottled Beers (peroni, san Miguel, efes) £3.45
Spirits £3.20
Spritzer £3.95
Fruit Juices £2.10
Mixers (tonic) £2.10
J2O  (apple & mango, orange & passion fruit) £2.65
Soft Drinks  (coke, diet coke, sprite) £2.10
Fruit Smoothies £3.45
(strawberry & banana, mango & passion fruit, cranberry & raspberry)  
Milk Shakes  (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)